Adams Xylophone XS2HV40

XS2HV40 Solist xylophone

Range: 4 oct. C4-C8
Bars: Honduras rosewood 43-381/2 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 156 cm
Low end: 68 cm
High end: 35 cm
Height adjustment: 80-100 cm

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​NB: Tilbudet gjelder ved bestilling før 21. Juli 2017
Kr: 22 000,-
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Om Adams

Company Profile

André Adams, our founder, started repairing brass instruments in 1970. Music was his hobby, and engineering was his passion. After gaining experience as an instrument maker with various well-known firms throughout Europe, his unique background led to the emergence of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of percussion instruments.

Adams Musical Instruments continues to innovate and grow as the result of ongoing partnership with professional and amateur musicians, as well as cooperation with several universities. This coordination results in instruments that have been scientifically designed and musician tested. This commitment to excellence ensures that every instrument is able to support the demands of every player and composer in all areas of music making.

For over our forty years, the family business of Adams has continued to develop all facets of our instruments. Typical for a family business is their character, commitment, passion and informal atmosphere. Our relationship with musicians suits this perfectly and form a vital part of our business. The fact that Adams enjoys a huge reputation worldwide cannot alone be attributed to hard work, and constant innovation. You, the client and player, have been part in this process too. After all, it is the individual wish of the customer that provides us with the inspiration to perfect our range of instruments and to continue to break new ground. We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks for your cooperation and hope that we may share our passion for many years: Music!


Frans Swinkels
Managing Director
André Adams,